My 'Goldie' measures 8 1/2" ctr -ctr bench tubes. 7 1/2" ctr - ctr below way tubes

Also the spt tubes are 7" ctr - ctr the 500 table tubes are 12" ctr - ctr

The way/bench tubes are 1 3/4" od. The spt/table tubes are 1 1/4" od.

Do Not know 510/520 table tube spacing(>12" I believe). (2009Jun23 15 7/16<<<<<<<<")


Earlier Greenies and Early Goldies had 1 7/8" od BENCH tubes. JPG-2011-Feb-16

Model 10-ER tube specs: 5½" ctr-ctr spacing, 1¾" O.D. There are no bench tubes on a 10-ER. Carriage support rods are 10" ctr-ctr spacing 1" O.D.

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