The Mark 5 (aka Mark V) is the most popular model that has been produced under the ShopSmith name. It has been produced since 1953 and there are hundreds of thousands of units which have been sold since then.

  • Greenie Gilmer belt and 3/4hp motor - two versions(sand cast headstock, die cast headstock)
  • Goldie Two versions 1) Gilmer belt and 3/4hp motor 2) Poly-V belt and 1 1/8hp motor (beginning Jan 1962).
  • Gray Later production by Magna American
  • In the 1970's Shopsmith Inc. was formed and the original design became designated as Mark V.
  • 500 The 500,505,510,520 are versions of the Mark V which is essentially identical to the Mark 5.
  • 505 The 500 designation was created to distinguish the original Mark V from later upgraded models.
  • 510 The upgraded models all had a larger main worktable. The 510 had an improved table/fence system.
  • 520 The 520 was a further enhanced upgrade to the 510.
  • Any of the model variations can be upgraded to a later version.
  • This includes the older Greenies and Goldies(The upgrades are table and fence only)

Recently (late 2010) ShopSmith introduced the PowerPro headstock upgrade as well as the new Mark 7 (which is based on the Mark V)

The PowerPro headstock may be an upgrade even to the ORIGINAL Greenies which had a sandcast headstock.

The Mark 7 is a modified Mark V that is tiltable on both ends and includes the PowerPro headstock.

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