Per Note: Original equipment bearings from Shopsmith all have standard or normal radial clearance. Most power tool bearing specifications fall into the standard range. If a bearing part number does not identify a radial clearance number it is normally considered to be a standard clearance.

Industry standard numbers (Can be cross referenced to most bearing manufacturer parts by your bearing supply house)*Drive Sheave Assembly (Gilmar & Poly-V): 6205 ZZ (2 Required)

  • Quill - Single Bearing (Gilmar & Poly-V): 6202 ZZ 5/8"Quill - Double Bearing (Poly-V): 6002 ZZ and 6003 ZZ
  • 625"ID x 35mmOD x 17mmW
  • Motors:
    • AO Smith 3/4: 6203 ZZ (2 Required) 17mmID x 40mmOD x 12mmW
    • GE 3/4: 6203 ZZ (2 Required)
    • Franklin 3/4: 6203 ZZ (2 Required)
    • Emerson 1 1/8 17mmID x 40mmOD x 12mmW and .625"ID x 40nnOD x 12mmW (1 each)
    • Some Emerson motors use 17mmID for both bearings

Note: The control/idler shaft bearing is >>>> Water pump shaft...shaft and bearing are one and is not repairable by the average joe. Anyone found an aftermarket replacement? Also, the small bearing on the speed control sheave is pretty much not repairable as near as I can tell.

Fafnir Numbers (considered by some to be the cadilac of bearings):*Drive Sheave Assembly (Gilmar & Poly-V): 205KDD (2 Required) 25mmID x 52mmOD x 15mmW

  • Quill - Single Bearing (Gilmar & Poly-V): 202KDD5
  • Motors:
    • AO Smith 3/4: 203KDD (2 Required)
    • GE 3/4: 203KDD (2 Required)

SKF Numbers:*Drive Sheave Assembly (Gilmar & Poly-V): 6205 2Z (2 Required)

  • Quill - Single Bearing (Gilmar & Poly-V): 6202-10 2Z
  • Motors:
    • AO Smith 3/4: 6203 2Z (2 Required)
    • GE 3/4 : 6203 2Z (2 Required)

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